Dr. Pauline Crawford Omps

Dr. Pauline Crawford Omps

UK Consultant Residing in Malaysia, Forging New Synergies for Women & Men Working Together


Pauline Crawford-Omps presents Magical Conversation techniques for 21st century success. Her purpose is to bring men and women into harmony in the boardroom and the bedroom as life and business merge and we all work collaboratively. Observing the current confusion as women navigate the male landscape, Pauline inspires leaders to value differences in natural talents and honour our similarities as human beings. She inspires us with “We’re all in this together, it’s time to stop fighting for equality, allow it to evolve and embrace collaboration”!

A Brit, recently landed in the US, Pauline is set to magnetize her message of love not fear. Working with Value Creation Principles, embedding an innovative tool ‘The Gender Dynamics Map’, and hosting Magical Conversation Circles, she educates CEOs’ both male and female on how to lead with a high degree of RI, Relational Intelligence!

Sociologist/Statistics BA, Business Psychologist, Image Consultant, MBA and PhD in Entreprenology, Dr Pauline Crawford-Omps, British-born, is CEO/Founder of Corporate Heart Ltd, UK based Performance Consultancy since 1999. UK client history includes original research-based development of engagement tools and techniques for developing Corporate Wellness Cultures using a Wellness Map© and a Gender Dynamics© Map for top professions, embracing male, female and mixed teams.

  • With 30 years consultancy into major PLC UK business e.g. BT, Barclays, Marriot, Zeneca, GSK, Hewlett Packard, eBay, Innovation Norway, Urenco, Metropolitan Police and many more. Pauline’s experience now spans corporate, enterprise and government sectors, in UK and Europe for 25 years and recently in Malaysia/Asia Pacific for 4 years, latterly working with Ministry bodies and educational Institutions.

  • Based now in California since January 2018, she works across the world as a highly effective connector, speaker, author and facilitator, developing people’s innate natural talents, communication styles, and honing their Magical Conversations techniques and Gender Dynamics mindset for life success.

  • Pauline delivers topical issues such as Love as a Business Asset, Gender Dynamics© Communication, Magnetizing your Message, Magical Conversations, Women in Business, Men of the Future Now and Mapping the MIND-Field.

CEO & Founder Corporate Heart Ltd Est.1999 www.corporateheart.co.uk
President, World Association of Visioneers & Entreprenologists (WAVE) Est. Hawaii 1991. www.worldvisioneers.com Director, The International University of Entreprenology (IUE) Est. Hawaii 1972. www.iuenow.com
Director, World Union of Small & Medium Enterprises (WUSME) Est San Marino 2008 www.wusme.org
Appointed WUSME Chairperson of the Permanent Commission on Women Entrepreneurs and Social Issues. 2014