Dr. Naya Mondo

Dr. Naya Mondo - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Dr. Naya Mondo

Educator, Leader, Entrepreneur, Innovator, Mentor

Rwanda, Kenya and USA

Dr. Naya Mondo is CEO/Founder of Elerai Global Services LLC a company that develops technology solutions to improve the lives of the rural and nomadic communities in Africa in areas of education, agriculture and sustainable energy. Her company Elerai is also in public private partnership with Energy Development Corporation Limited, a government arm for energy distribution in Rwanda to sell and distribute solar home systems in rural parts of Rwanda. Elrai has a SolarWifiTM plug and play solution Solar Solutions for off grid and pastoralists communities that has gone through proof of concept in gone through the proof of concept in Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda, Namibia and Nigeria. An innovator in her own right, Dr. Mondo’s programs include sustainable energy development for rural, arid and semi arid communities, women and youth. Her research interest is on Sustainable Energy, Gender and Education. Women and Leadership, role of education in development and, women and youth empowerment using the reach of technology. She is a sought after speaker in the areas of women and technology, education and food security. In 2015, she presented at The Hague’s ‘No more food loss/waste’ and currently serving as an expert on Feeding the City in the region of Nairobi, a seven year (2015-2022) longitudinal study. She is part of the team developing the Metabolism of Nairobi in which the flows of food related subjects are assessed on metropolitan, sub-urban and urban levels. Her role in the aforementioned project is to bring affordable technology to this initiative while also co-teaching design thinking to the teams involved.

Dr. Naya Mondo earned her doctorate in Organizational Learning and Leadership from prestigious Columbia University, New York, USA