Dr. Mathabo Hlahane


Dr. Mathabo Hlahane

Co-Founder at IPPNW SA

South Africa

Dr Mathabo Hlahane has been involved in numerous pioneering health projects and served in various leadership roles since her days as a medical student. As a medical student she became the first female vice president of Africa for IFMSA. She is the cofounder of the SADC medical students forum.
> From junior doctor, she moved up the ranks in the South African Medical Association to being the projects officer for senior doctors as a National Executive Committee member.

> Currently cofounder of IPPNW SA and an International Councilor, who sits on the general executive board of IPPNW (Kproject: climb Kilimanjaro for peace). As well as serving as the current Secretary General for the Juniour Doctors Africa, of the World Medical Association