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Dr. Kamila Rubaninska


Dr. Kamila Rubaninska

AT&T EMEA Women’s Network COO & AT&T EMEA Director of Operations

Czech Republic

People often talk about their achievements, but rarely discuss the motivation and drivers that took them on the journey to such accomplishments. Rather than viewing life as a series of endings, Kamila believes the journey is just as important as the end. Specifically, ongoing learning and involvement in diverse interests are opportunities to enrich one’s understanding of others and the world.
On her journey so far, Kamila has played professional volleyball, achieved a PhD in Marketing and Business Management and lived in five countries on three continents far away from her home city Bratislava in Slovakia. Simultaneously, Kamila has built a strong career with AT&T based on constantly striving to make a positive difference to her teams, the company, and the people AT&T serves. In her current role, Kamila leads an operations team with around 200 individuals, focused on enhancing AT&T services and transforming the way the company serves its customers.
As part of her ongoing journey, and helping others with their own, Kamila is focused on constant learning and development, including mentoring of groups and individuals. Kamila believes that intelligence, personality and capacity are something that can change, depending how much one wants it to. As a member of the board of the AT&T EMEA Women’s Network that brings around 600 members together, Kamila focuses on helping them to learn and grow, personally and professionally.