Dr. Daphne Grace


Dr Daphne Grace

– Lecturer at University of Brighton

United Kingdom(UK)

  • Over 20 years’ experience in higher education, working as a professor of English at universities in England, Europe, Cyprus, USA and the Bahamas.
    She specialises in gender and women’s issues in contemporary literature and society (focusing on S. Asia, the Caribbean and the Arab world).
  • She won a national award for outstanding research while teaching at the University of the Bahamas.
  • Widely published in international academic journals, and author of three books (published by top academic publishers) dealing with gender and women’s issues, feminist theory and social history. She was interviewed on Radio 4 on the ground-breaking topic of her book The Woman in the Muslin Mask: Veiling and Identity in Postcolonial Literature (2004)
  • Frequent invited speaker at international conferences
  •  Travelled extensively and lived in Europe, USA, the Caribbean, and spent time in India
  • Currently Adjunct Lecturer in the Humanities at the University of Brighton, where she teaches the BA course in Culture and Conflict