Dr. Basobi Sheel


Dr. Basobi Sheel

Independent Research Professional, Social & Community Development Specialist

Gurgaon, India

Dr Basobi Sheel is an accomplished and highly experienced Community & Social Development Specialist, with more than 21years’ experience and an extensive background in social concerns in infrastructure, sanitation and women’s development. She has successfully delivered a range of development projects as a Researcher, Manager and Consultant, and specialise in community empowerment, project management, capacity building and social safeguarding.

She has an excellent academic record including an MA in Psychology with major in Social Psychology, PG Dip in Counselling, and MPhil and PhD in the domain of social psychology. She has also delivered numerous publications and research studies in the domain of working mothers and family environment.

Dr Basobi has worked with Government, NGOs and multilateral agencies and thus has a broader view of social development in India.

Currently she is working for ADB funded project on Infrastructure Development Investment Plan for Tourism in Himachal Pradesh as Social Development Specialist.