Dr. Aruna Wadkar

Dr. Aruna Wadkar - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Dr. Aruna Wadkar

Founder & CEO, Harvest Educational Transformation Solution (HETS)


Dr. Aruna Wadkar
Founder Chairperson – HETS
Educator, Academic Trainer and Educational consultant
Secretary of Karnataka – Private schools and children welfare association
Member of Global Goodwill Ambassadors – Uniting the worlds Humanitarian

An Educationist with 30+yrs of experience and has diligently played role of:
• A Teacher -CBSE and ICSE
• An Academic Coordinator -CBSE
• A Principal – CBSE and ICSE
• Academic Head and Lead of schools – Pearson
• Regional Director of Schools – Zee Learn Ltd
• Trainer – Teachers, Companies, Parenting

Served at these positions with in-depth understanding of Teaching Pedagogy, Educational Psychology, Assessments and Evaluations.
Expertise in School Academic and Operational Audits, Governance and Planning and bench-marking to Academic Quality in Educational Management and Administration Professional.
A budding entrepreneur with a team, stepping into a new venture – HETS – Harvest Educational Transformation Solutions that provides – Guidance. Assistance and Training provided to Teachers and Students at all levels in terms of Academic Programs, Efficiency Programs, Student Exploring Program and Fostering Program, with passion and proven ability to assist and guide start-up schools / revival of schools, career and auditing of schools under one Umbrella.
Projects undertaken for Schools and Companies:

• Indian School of Excellence as School Head on Project based – policy and procedures, administration, training, admissions and documentation – Bangalore
• Proud to be a part of the conflict Zone – Dolphin International School Kashmir as Mentor for Teachers and students – Pulwama
• Advisory Council at Sahachara MNC for Compiling Question Bank – Your Companion – Bangalore
• Alburooj International School – Bangalore
• Soft Skills and Sales Skills Workshop – ESAF Micro finance company – Mysore

A dedicated and resourceful Educator with a vision to create a learning environment across for teachers and children as an intellectual and emotional person, equipping them with personal values and tomorrow’s leaders with ethics and learning so that they love to be lifelong learners, to ensure that each child regardless of orientation, ability, race, gender and economic status, can learn and have access to the a tool to thrive towards a global outlook and a sense of responsibility with responsive new ways of learning, integrating various forms of knowledge to help the students develop intellectually and emotionally as moral individuals.
Motive is to impart education beyond books, wherein we as educators should create relevant learning amidst the accelerating change of the environment to grow in a climate of non-threatening, respect and trust where teachers need to be empowered with right, innovative, creative and activity based – hands-on teaching methodology.
Concepts of education and life to be provided to Students:
• to explore
• to appreciate the breadth and depth, and subtlety of meaning that attaches to them
• to learn that different people view them from different perspectives
• to understand that meaning is not static.
Approaching the concepts in different ways and by revisiting them in different contexts, where students come to refine and embed understandings.
Associated with “AASARE” an NGO – old age home, Orphanage, Women empowerment – to render help and conduct workshop for the benefit of women.