Dr. Amna Mirza

Dr.Amna Mirza

Assistant Professor, University of Delhi


Dr.Amna Mirza is an alumini of Delhi Public School (Mathura Road), St.Stephens College (Bachelors Degree- BA Program), Hindu College (Masters Degree in Political Science), M.Phil & PhD from University of Delhi & Master of Business Administration (Human Resources) from United Business Institute (Belgium). She is currently Assistant Professor of Political Studies, University of Delhi . An avid traveller, voracious reader & vegan, her academic initiatives took her to University of Duisburg Essen (Germany), University of Fribourg (Switzerland) amongst others. She is recipient of ‘Godfray Philips Golden Ovary Award’, St.Stephens College Centenary Medal for ‘character combined with learning’, amongst others. She has been associated with art & culture festivals and regularly contributes columns to several newspapers and magazines. She has four books to her credit which were well received by academic, media and others alike