Doroteja Omahen

Doroteja Omahen, FSF


Doroteja Omahen citizen of Slovenia and her nationality is Slovene. She was born in Celje and lived in Slovenia, Serbia and later in Germany. Development in chemistry, technology and commercial were her business world all her life. Doroteja Omahen worked for 5 years at Ljubljana University and then for 7 years in concern Degussa in Germany-Frankfurt/M (with noble metal as gold and platina). Then Doroteja Omahen came back to Slovenia and worked 25 years for Bayer Ljubljana (sales department and development in Pharmaceutical industry).
Doroteja Omahen speak Slovenian, Serbian, German and middle good. English language. Doroteja Omahen retired now and have many hobbies: cooking, swimming, walking, cycling, collecting mushrooms, photography, gardening (She grow her own vegetables and fruits in company with her husband and love and grove flowers) Doroteja Omahen marriage and they have one marriage son.
In all her life, Doroteja Omahen was interested to have international friends. Doroteja Omahen like to help and worked in team and as single volunteer. Also therefore, Doroteja Omahen active member of SILA IWCL and FSF.