Divyata Shergill

Divyata Shergill

Co- Founder ShaadiWish, Lawyer, Philanthropist


Divyata Shergill, a corporate lawyer with vast experience in private equity and mergers and acquisition, started her entrepreneur journey in 2016 with ShaadiWish.com. She is a law graduate from WB NUJS Kolkata and has a masters degree in law from Northwestern University, Chicago. She worked for almost 8 years at AZB & Partners in their capital markets and private equity team.

ShaadiWish is an online wedding planning portal that assists prospective couples & their families to plan the wedding and strategically helps the wedding category experts to market their work. It does so through its curation of the best wedding vendors, wedding focused blog and content

She strongly believes in the power of education and has supported the education of many under privileged girls through counselling and other means.