Diaz Richards

Diaz Richards

Journey Back to Source

United Kingdom

Growing up on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Diaz has from a very tender age; felt that she had a vital role to play in the global shift in humanity’s mind-set. Life has not always been easy for her, but it was because of those very character-building experiences, that Diaz has been moulded into the person she is today – a well-rounded, confident woman with a strong belief that each human being on this Earth IS a DIVINE SPARK of the ALL-POWERFUL FORCE we know as GOD.

As individuations of this OMNIPOTENT FORCE, she believes that we each chose to come to Earth/Gaia to play a game together. This game according to her, unfolds by us consciously opting to FORGET our innate powers so that one day, we will “JOURNEY” back home to GOD once more via the conduit of reincarnation.

Diaz knows that in her work as a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker and Mentor she is fulling her “CALLING” on Earth. Her vision under this Calling is to create GLOBAL and UNIVERSAL PEACE in re-awakening HUMANITY to its GOD-ESSENCE. To accomplish this, she articulates her MISSION to guide humanity using simple techniques to awaken to its TRUE ESSENCE.