Denisa Gokovi


Denisa Gokovi

Humanitarian Leader and Actor


Denisa Gokovi Collaborates through her talent and creativity with professionals, musicians and worthy Albanian music. At the same time it contained artistic role as writer on philosophy, Actress, Composer, Pianist, Singer, Photo model and Goodwill Ambassador for Albania!
The trend, its originality and artistic style is predominant in international success!

Denisa is Global Goodwill Ambassador in organization FAAVM from Canada Also Ambassador for art the institute ”Olympia Art ” Los Angeles,CA!

Amb. Ms. Gokovi is an Honored member of the International Royal Academy of the United Nations, Also Ambassador of Culture & Art in organization internationally ” ”World Peace Committee” Another role as Ambassador for social cultural- Arts & Humanity in the Royal Society Group and Ambassador for African Child projects.

Amb. Ms. Gokovi studied piano since the age of six, and managed to grow and prosper as an artist in Albania being featured at various art events. I have participated in some national competitions such as, ”Peter Gaci,’, ” Songs of the Earth,” “Little Pianist,” and ”Genius.” In three important national piano competitions I was awarded second and third places. I perform live concerts as a singer across Albania, performing songs that I have composed. I devote much of my personal time in social and cultural musical, film and social programs. I have donated my time performing for benefits that support orphans and the poor.

Amb. Ms. Gokovi also devote her talents to organizing holiday programs and helping organizations that are devoted to making changes that make a social contribution. In my role as songwriter, I work with young artists in their professional development and in their training with the art academy. Currently, I am writing a book on philosophy entitled, Deception of Truth.

Amb. Ms. Gokovi goals is to share the world perspective as someone who speaks out for justice, equality and freedom from persecution for everyone. In my professional experience, science and philosophy play important roles. My work and experience have, so far, allowed me to realize the dream of presenting my humble experience as an example to others through my music. My goal is to touch everyone with love, creativity and hope.