Deborah Kandli – Israel

Debby Kandli 

Deborah Kandli

volunteer in Israeli army


Deborah Kandli, 48 years old, hold an MBA and a bachelor’s degree in human resources management.
Served the Israeli Air Force for 25 meaningful years. Made a variety of roles in the fields of management, leadership, operations, human resources and command, while the last decade as a Lieutenant Colonel.
Have retired 3 years ago and at present I volunteer in the Israeli army reserves.
Certified to groups facilitation, coaching, organization consulting skills and executive guidance.
Believes in combinations and balances: spirit and material, heart and mind, capitalism and socialism, oneness and uniqueness.
Focus in win-win-win (organization-employees-customers) solutions.
Most of my life, my soul served Lord ‘Ego’.
Today, I have reached the age when it’s time for lord ‘Ego’ to serve lady soul
Volunteer in a nonprofit organization for enhancing integration and employment of the Ethiopian academics in the Israeli society.
Volunteer in a nonprofit organization for bonding the separated various parts which the Israeli society is made of.
Member of the Ministry of Defense committee.
Lecturer in management, leadership and high purpose of people, societies and countries