Daphne Feller


Daphne Feller

Leadership & Neuroscience | Empowerment of the Brain to Create Successful Leadership


From her youth onwards she wanted to know: Why do we think in a particular way? How do we make decisions? And how do we decide what we want? For this reason she loves neuroscience and started her company named BrainExplainers. She works with the latest neuroscience research and insights which help improve organizational systems, create stronger leaders and empower today’s workforce. It is all about knowing your brain and creating the right mindset.
Currently she is pursuing an Executive MBA to bridge the gap between the latest business insights and neuroscience.

Apart from that she is an advocate and a big promoter of empowering the brain of mothers. This year she will launch “PowerMom Seminars’. A one day seminar that provides the newest insight in the brain with the aim to make women feel empowered to incorporate their mother role into their career.

Daphne is a mother of 2 kids, a certified mindfulness trainer, likes to climb mountains like Gran Paradiso and Mont Blanc and lives in Amsterdam.
Her statement: ‘Be crazy enough to know you can do anything in life.’