Cora Cristobal

Cora Cristobal

Founder, Toronto Women’s Club; International Best-Selling Author, Real Estate Investor , Toronto Women’s Club


Cora Cristobal, Founder of Toronto Women’s Club (TWC), Author, Mentor, Speaker, Real Estate Investor, Realtor, Consultant.

Cora is passionate and committed to empowering you to overcome obstacles, reframe your mindset, investing in personal growth and development and taking action to achieve your dreams in all aspects of your life.

Cora was married with four grown children – 2 daughters and 2 sons. She enjoys her 6-year-old grandson immensely. Dramatic changes and challenges created turning points and launched new chapters in her life. She learned to share her life’s experiences and wisdom through book writing. This opened the doors to coaching and mentoring other people, speaking on big stages and creating the Toronto Women’s Club to share more of her vision, mission and wisdom.

Cora is an avid international traveler and enjoys learning other cultures, making new friends and connections and communing with nature. She loves to dance and sing and regularly goes to the gym to do aerobic dancing and yoga.

As an author, she has published the award-winning “Journey to a New You: 12 Habits to a Happy and Successful Life’, ‘Authorities’ which she co-authored with celebrity and best-selling authors Dr. John Gray, Marci Shimoff and Raymond Aaron. She also co-authored the International Best-Selling “Secrets To Real Estate Wealth” with Sunil Tulsiani. She just co-authored a book with Brian Tracy “ The Secret To Wealth” and is finalizing “The Science of Getting Rich” with Sunil Tulsiani. She has shared stages with Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Robert Allen.

Having been born in poverty, with uneducated but pious parents in the Philippines, she grew up to be industrious, hardworking, independent, resilient, tenacious and ambitious. These qualities have let Cora accomplish most of her dreams since age 9 when she started working. Despite her frail health and asthma, she graduated from university at 23 with 2 bachelors’ degrees – Entrepreneurship and Accountancy. She developed a very strong and successful accounting career for various American, Japanese, Filipino and Canadian corporations.

Cora is now building a legacy through Toronto Women’s Club – helping people find their true purpose and have a more meaningful, happier and successful life.