Code of Conduct


Participation in WEF events worldwide and engagement with our community is governed by the following guidelines and Code of Conduct. Aligned with WEF values, this Code of Conduct is to be followed by all in letter and spirit.

1. Uphold WEF values of no negativity, positive spirit, non-egoism, respectful exchange, integrity, authenticity, gratitude, generosity, honesty, humility, compassion, non-violence, helpfulness, kindness, wisdom, sisterhood, inclusion and inspiration.

2. The overarching rule is of ALL positivity and No negativity. We are fostering a family of women worldwide as ‘Sisters Beyond Borders’ to help one another as a supportive ecosystem toward building our enlightened exchange and economic energy; through our stronger bonds, endeavours and collaborations for ‘Business Beyond Borders’.

3. All expressions and interactions should be mutually respectful. Please avoid and discourage nastiness, gossip and slander. Exercise restraint, discernment and personal responsibility in all interactions at all times. Treat others as you would like them to treat you – with etiquette, sincerity and respect.

4. We are a constantly expanding community of people with diverse cultural contexts and backgrounds; so we urge all to approach new and unfamiliar contexts with a spirit of openness, learning and understanding.

5. Shun egoistic/adversarial/aggressive/judgemental attitudes that come in the way of authentic connection and constructive collaboration.

6. If you come across a situation of stress/disagreement/confrontation, kindly correct it as much as possible with generous gestures of care and compassion, striving toward amicable resolution.

7. We are non-religious, non-political and non-dogmatic. We are NOT a platform to advocate, criticise or insult any political party or leader, nor persuade for any religion or belief system.

8. We have a zero tolerance policy toward hate speech and proselytising.

9. We have a zero tolerance policy toward slander and calumny.

10. We have a zero tolerance policy toward sexual harassment.

11. We request you all to be watchful and vigilant toward vested interests that could undermine our space of integrity, trust and togetherness. It is incumbent on each of us to be custodians, exemplars and guardians of WEF values, and uphold prestige of the platform.

12. While we try to include ALL in our effort to foster a World Wide Web of Soul Sisters; however, in case of irreconcilable differences and/or violation of this Code of Conduct, the parties shall part ways peacefully.