Clara Rufai

Clara Rufai

President & Founder, The Shine Zone

United Kingdom

Clara Rufai known as THE SHINE STRATEGIST is a Globally Awarded Iconic Woman, Corporate Lawyer, Compliance Manager, Book Consultant, Writing Coach, Author, Speaker, Podcaster and Mentor. Clara uses her work and various platforms to empower people to discover their SHINE Factor as they (S)tart (H)arness (I)dentify (N)etwork and (E)xpress their Brilliance, so they can travel on a more rewarding and personally fulfilling path in life.

Clara partners with global Thought leaders and Influencers, leveraging the extensive relationships she has built, in order to deliver valuable content that serves individuals, whether through her Leap and Shine Conference platform, through her Mentoring Hub on WhatsApp or through her Facebook community called The Shine Zone.

She is the President and Founder of THE SHINE ZONE a social enterprise which specialises in personal development and empowerment creating platforms, strategies, and tools for individuals to find their shine zone(s) and thrive. Her Shine Philosophy was spurred by the tragic loss of two siblings in one day, a crushing event which threw her into extreme depression. As she began to heal, she became consumed with a desire to discover her life’s purpose and shine with it.

Today Clara is passionate about empowering individuals to turn on their inner light, so they can operate at the highest level of their Brilliance. In 2019, Clara was honoured with an Iconic Woman Award at the Annual Global Women Economic Forum (WEF) in India.