Cindy Khella

Cindy Khella

Mother/ Entrepreneur


Cindy is Canadian born business women, who started her entrepreneurial journey 30 years ago. Being a women of colour in a western country was a challege but she over came the obstacles and regards them as rewarding experiences.

Cindy created one of the first event design companies in western Canada.
This event design company, CWC Events set the standard for the industry.
Many of the fundamental concepts of event decor were established by Cindy, these concepts are still being implemented by decorators everywhere. This venture was just the begining. Moving forward with other passions Cindy is first and formost a mother to an 18 year old son Jayden, she is the Editor of a Home building magazing, the partner in a luxury accessoires business, the managing director of a media company and currently the producer of South Asian Fashion Week.

For Cindy South Asian Fashion Week is a project of passion. The main goal of this event is to give a platform to the beauty of South Asian embroidery, fabrics and talent of designers. Our focus is also to give up and coming South Asian youth a stage to showcase their talents, may it be modeling, styling, photography or any other related industry.

Cindy is also an active mentor to young people starting their own business.
She offers mentorship through schools and local youth foundations.

Cindy is currently here in India to connect with local designers. In order to collaborate for South Asian Fashion Week and bring this talent to Canada.