Chhavi Singh

Chhavi Singh

Founder / CEO of DailyDesignist – Learn, Collect, Use or Wear Arts


Entrepreneur| Founder| Innovator| Edtech Leadership| Board Member| Edtech Finalist 2022 by Edtech Digest| Featured in CIO Views, NY Weekly, FOX, NBC, CBS, US Reporter, New Indian Express
Btech in electronics and communications from Noida, India. Then MBA from New York University. 10+ more years of experience in the banking industry. Worked for UBS and MOrgan Stanley at Wall Street, NY USA.
After a corporate stint of a decade, I started my own startup. This is my purpose. It is called “DailyDesignist”.

DailyDesignist is an Artech company. It is a global lifestyle arts brand!!
Our mobile arts platform is one stop shop for Art Lovers!!

DailyDesignist is striving to put Arts at the forefront of our society – in everything we do, the way we live our everyday life or experience things/emotions/ stories. Art is a part of our lifestyle (knowingly or unknowingly). Our brand proudly supports, empowers, and motivates great women artists and arts teachers.

It has been a long time since these great women artists have not got their fair share of recognition, validation, equal earning opportunities and a name for themselves in the real world. Part of it was the fragmented non-tech Arts industry, lack of infrastructure and societal barriers/inequality for women artists.

We want to disrupt the current visual arts market by bringing authentic, unique and original arts to masses by making it affordable and accessible.
We do so by showcasing our women artists’ handmade paintings, artwears, artwares on our online artisan gallery and through our physical art shows and exhibitions.

At the same time, we empower them by letting them teach and share their knowledge with art lovers around the world. Providing online, live art enrichment classes for kids to supplement creativity into their existing STEM curriculum. Also, providing online art therapy classes for adults to de-stress and de-clutter from the mayhem and chaos to achieve mindfulness, peace and happiness.

We provide the first ever mobile platform for seasoned, experienced, emerging and hidden women artists and art teachers to be able to connect to the bigger audience of art lovers.