Chhavi Sharma

Chhavi Sharma

Mrs. India Asia International World


From being unknowingly registered for the auditions by my son to being trained by my daughter, from countless nights of hard work with my team of designers and stylists to the constant support from my husband, The Mrs. India Journey was undoubtedly one of the best.

Winner of Mrs. Karnataka:
After being selected in the auditions, it was a complete time for hard work. Grooming sessions, ramp walk practices and sitting with my designers to make the most elegant and unique outfits for the ramp. The hard work paid off, and I was Crowned Mrs. Karnataka. Now it was time to take things to the next level. All that I head learnt for Mrs. Karnataka was to be made better. All the grooming sessions perfected. The preparation for the new and unique rounds. The unending catwalk practices and answering hundreds of questions to prepare for the question answer round, it all paid off. I went on to winning the Mrs. India Asia International World and the subtitle of Mrs. Fineness as well.

Coffee with A Difference:
All Details of my initiative for women Empowerment and life skills training and counseling are mentioned in the broacher below: Through my counseling I have been able to help numerous people, solve their problems and issues and have helped them be the best version of themselves. This initiative is now wide spread around the globe and has been changing lives for 12 years. Army wives, corporate men and women, celebrities, homemakers, older people, youngsters and people of every age group and from every strata of the society have all been my clients.