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Cheryl Collins

Cheryl Collins - Annual - WEF - 2018 - New Delhi - India

Cheryl Collins

Founder, Speaker & Consultant Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide

United States Of America (USA)

Cheryl Collins, Founder of Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide, is a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, educated in the public school system, a graduate of the Philadelphia Paralegal Institute, Certified Litigation Paralegal, and a global speaker, and consultant, enhancing building global cultural relationships. A strong implementation of family-oriented values, continuous spiritual impartation, I am reminded daily of the blessings of my journey. Diversity interests in cultures and individuals part of those cultures illuminated in my life during early formal education, and travels through Africa, Asia, The Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates, etc. Therefore, it is no surprise to me that interests would continue in the direction of domestic as well as, international entrepreneurship. A major conduit to entrepreneurship is “building relationship bridges.”
As founder, speaker and consultant of Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide, the mission is simple—“Building Cultural Relationship and Networking Bridges Globally, we connect women entrepreneurs around the globe for the purpose of insight to other business opportunities, exchange of cultural ideas and information to assist in building healthier economies globally.”
WOMEN ENTRPRENEURS WORLDWIDE (WEW), is a woman-owned-diverse entity that is globally connected. As its name implies, WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS WORLDWIDE (WEW) was conceived to meet the unique connection of women entrepreneurs and business owners around the globe. As founder, from the inception, one of the visions was and continues to be for WEW cultural relationship and rapport building. Dialogue and belief that respect for cultural diversity, enhancement and encouragement of women will manifest and be the core for success. WEW with its mission/statement continues to meet with and encounter influential businesspersons and supporters who welcome this visions. WEW is as much an idea of success-building as it is a process and formula for advancing global interacting for collective individual and collective achievement in the world of women entrepreneurs and business owners. We welcome our male supporters and appreciate their contribution to our efforts. Overseas journeys have helped crystallize WEW’s mission, noting that business opportunities for women have risen along with the growth of technology, manufacturing and the multi-gender workplace. Women Entrepreneurs Worldwide has since 2009, emphasized its endeavor of Building Cultural Relationships & Networking Bridges Globally.” WEW would be honored to count you among the more than 5,000 members and connections on its main social media platform, LinkedIn, as of 2015, to join in our efforts. The social media platform, LinkedIn has and continues to be a key conduit for the manifestation of WEW’s endeavors. We encourage you to comment on information shared on our blogs, and social medial sites. We invite you to join WEW and travel with us around the globe building relationships, and rapport. As a group we can together, collaborate, encourage, inspire and promote in assisting each other on our successful journey. WEW is principally a consulting “enabler”, an organization poised to provide guidance and directed resources to women-owned/managed businesses, and consultation to WEW clients in those project communities identified and secured.