Managing Director, Yusudi


Charlotte is a passionate educator that gets her energy from helping others grow into their most authentic selves. She is also an avid, driven entrepreneur that always goes further in her learning of creating highly innovative, culturally attractive companies that fuel economic growth.

Charlotte is the Managing Director of Yusudi, a social enterprise that focuses on capacity development for economic growth. Prior to that she headed the Talent Management team of AIESEC in Mexico,
creating strategies for over 3000 members nationwide. She also spear-headed the Marketing department of AIESEC UK as the first VP of Marketing and Communication. She has over 7 years of experience in strategic roles in youth organizations across the world.

Strategy Creation through evaluation both external and internal reality, brainstorming and selecting effective customized solutions together with teams.
Marketing trough using analytics and market knowledge together with internal competencies of an organization to create high growth for businesses.
Talent Management through ensuring retention and succession, learning and growth for every employee within a strong company culture.
Business Development through creating effective performance-based sales teams and strategies. Group Facilitation and Mediation through ensuring constructive dialogues in discussions and conflicts.

“Charlotte is by far one of the most inspirational people I’m lucky enough to call a friend. She’ll constantly push the barriers of possibility, executes at a very high level and doesn’t stop until the job is done. She brings a lot of empathy to shrewd business acumen and I’ve been very impressed with her work ethic, working directly with her at AIESEC UK but even more so in her subsequent ventures.” Emilien Hoet, VP Business Development, AIESEC UK.