Caroline Struik

Caroline Struik

Owner, Raedacademy


Caroline Struik-Kramer is an International NLP Trainer and NLP Master Coach. She is an inspirational speaker and in possession of a good dose of humor . Her career has always been social and focused on assisting others. She has worked as a High School Teacher and Psychiatric Nurse for many years. In 2012 she started a Home Care Company together with her husband Jos. Within 4 years, the company consisting of 800 employees, 95 % female, provided care to nearly 5000 clients. Even though she was a successful businesswoman, she had her struggles.

When Caroline started studying NLP she discovered she could not only create her own true self but she could also assist others on their journey. With her company Raedacademy, she is on a mission. Dutch by birth, Caroline loves people from all over the world, people from different countries, people from different cultures. She welcomes them to get the best out of life and she will feel honored to assist them.

Last year Caroline started “ A Guide to Your New Life’ of her ‘ Women Are Warriors’ Program.
Her goal is to be a strong and positive role model for women all over the world, who want to join her on a journey of finding/creating their true self. She has a primary purpose…to assist women abstain from self-destructive behaviors, and to replace them with helpful, empowering ways of being, and to carry on this message of recovery to those who are (still) suffering.