Carmen Deans

Carmen Taboas

Carmen Deans

SAM Practioner


Carmen works for a company called Super Able Mind (SAM) in London, which delivers a cognitive mind training programme to help cultivate an elevated level of creative and functional mind. The programme is based on 7 behaviours and supported by 42 ideologies, which are tailored to individual needs. The SAM model is based on neuroscience and brain plasticity, which shows that our brains can create new neural pathways which anchor in new behaviours, so enabling changes in attitudes, habits and behaviour patterns over time, leading to clearer thinking, improved health and overall wellbeing.

Previous to this, Carmen undertook a period of study and training in Germany, where she completed 12 courses under the auspices of Dr Roy Martina. Among other disciplines in the mind/body/spirit field, she trained in emotional balance through Emotional Tapping Techniques, balancing energy centres, trance regression into subconscious mind to explore present and past life blocks, trance connection to the subconscious mind to resolve issues relating to health and emotional well-being and higher self connection for life guidance.

Previous to this line of work, Carmen worked as a Senior Policy Officer and Senior Project Manager with a number of national and international consumer protection agencies, specialising in international trade, food policy and privatisation of public utilities. This career spanned 15 years, and took her to Europe, Africa, Central and Latin America. She worked in Chile for one year, where she oversaw a research project covering 5 countries in the area of public utilities and consumer access. Her qualifications are a degree in Economics with French and European Studies from the University of Sussex, U.K. and a masters degree in European Economics from the University of Barcelona in Spain.