Candice Schultz


Candice Schultz

Managing Director at Prime Property Global

South Africa

Candice Schultz is a qualified and practicing Attorney and was the youngest person to assume a directorship position of an International Law Firm in South Africa. She subsequently joined a BEE Investment Group where she assisted in facilitating multi billion Rand transactions across various sectors. Candice has been instrumental in the creation of several successful business start-ups and is currently pursuing her interests in the property market through her involvement in innovative projects together with listed companies. Understanding the need for any investor to have a global perspective, she has recently incorporated a real estate advisory firm offering local South African investors an opportunity to diversify their portfolios by investing internationally.

Candice is very passionate about empowering women by helping them break through limiting belief systems. She believes that women can become empowered leaders by tapping into their own inner power through knowing who they are and embracing their femininity.