Breakfast Roundtable

  1. E-commerce: what’s in it for the common man ? Digital opportunities can be a big boon and a game changer.
  2. Inculcating work and life skills in school education There’s a need to change school curricula to of fer suitable stimulation and skill development early to children.
  3. The art of persuasion and negotiation: Some mantras
  4. Meditation and Chanting is a science of inner well-being, not a religion Meditation and chanting are age-old roadmap to personal well-being, happiness, peace and consciousness. Does it really have any connect with religion?
  5. Holistic healthcare: time to blend in traditional therapies with modern healthcare for improving public health and lifestyle? Traditional and modern medicines have much to of fer each other despite their differences. Together they can create a new realm of medicines and treatments
  6. What’s the ‘purpose’ to our lives? What are we here for – these and more existential questions addressed
  7. Understanding Cloud Economics
  8. Importance of keeping an open, free, and surveillance free Internet
  9. Engaging with Ennobling Opportunities in Every Day life: what can we do more of in our routines to live with greater concern and compassion The theme you choose may change or elude you, but being your own story means you can always set the tone. It also means you can invent the language to say who you are and how you mean in the world.
  10. Why Quality and Innovation are no longer ‘departments’. Deliberations on how to embed quality and innovation in every aspect of business.
  11. A Talk and Experiential session followed by meditation: “Attaining happiness through higher consciousness and living the life you deserve”.
  12. Caretaking of our elders: a crisis. What new mechanisms need to be devised in our increasingly busy lives to ensure that our elders do not experience alienation and loneliness?
  13. The world of intuitive healing therapies: are they helpful? Are these real or mumbo-jumbo?
  14. Conversation: Celebrating the Men in our Lives Delegates will share stories of inspiring and supportive men in their lives
  15. Deconstructing Divorce Why couples are falling apart so much more in our modern times?
  16. Consumerism: Is it a necessity or a luxury? With changing lifestyles, preferences are changing and massive promotion by companies is encouraging hyper-consumerism.
  17. Childhood Trauma and Neglect and the long term impact on brain development, physical health, future relationships and financial well being
  18. Are most women control freaks? Is it true that women get enraged or sullen if they do not get their way?
  19. The attitude of ‘I’: is it ‘ego’ or ‘ownership’ How to not be ‘controlling’ yet be ‘inncontrol’?
  20. The need for women
  21. Experiencing compassion: How to experience and live with compassion.
  22. How to attract more customers for your business? No business can survive without customers. For a business to be successful the most important factor is demand. A proactive and intuitive
    approach is needed to attract more customers.
  23. The Glass Ceiling: shattering it first in our minds.
  24. Are NGOs still relevant or is Entrepreneurship better? Social enterprises are often confused with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The main difference between them, as has been pointed out, is the revenue model.
  25. Set Yourself Free to Live the Best Version of You Within each of us is the call to be great, however few realize their greatness. Unconscious fears and our internal programing are the
    critical obstacles to success. What could be possible if you were able to release the deep-seated patterns and step into your perfect point of power?
  26. Hypnosis: Its benefits in Stress Management, Confidence Building, Goal Achievement
  27. In this age where innovation is changing the world, how can we ensure that greater entrepreneurship can serve the greater good in both business and society?
  28. How effective negotiation can make a differnce
  29. Preserving our mother tongues in a world driven by English. How necessary it is?
  30. Children Today – Are they maturing fast? Is it a concern that children today are more exposed to influences than ever before and are thus maturing fast?
  31. Internalizing the Culture of your Company as your professional identity. Just like the ‘Google Guys’.
  32. Sustainable Urban Development: Technologies that can save us Urban development should be guided by sustainable planning and a vision that promotes interconnected green spaces, multi-modal transportations system, mixed-use development, intelligent analytics, for a more informed and responsive urban order.
  33. Engaging Women in the peace process: to usher in values of tolerance, peace & dialogue Women have played very positive roles as advocates and architects of peace but they have been sadly excluded from formal aspects of the peace process.
  34. Philanthropy: is it only by the Rich? Or by those with a heart? How can we have more if it for a kinder and more caring world?
  35. Why women marry – convention or choice? Would they live differently if they were socially secure and financially independent?
  36. One World for ALL – Utopian? Is it necessary? Is is possible? Is it useful?
  37. Breaths of Glory – Pranayam in daily life
  38. Is it in the interest of nations to have retirement age for Politicians?
  39. New Business Context: The Connected Enterprise From big data to the internet of things, what should every business understand about emerging digital technologies?
  40. Encouraging Conflict by Design: Encouraging discord and opposing thoughts for improving thinking and strategic action.