Bisi MacGregor

Bisi MacGregor

Life Coach, Atoke Lifesprings


Bisi is an expert in mastering internal fears and overcoming them to improve self-mastery and promote self-freedom. She specializes in helping her clients gain alignment, trust, and commitment between their hearts and souls.

After a 20-year Corporate career in Finance & Controlling, she courageously took the leap and answered the calling of her soul. Simply put, she helps individuals find and reconnect to the parts of themselves that seem to be lost. This enables her clients to start loving themselves and being the best they can be with courage and full confidence.

Bisi works with mission-driven individuals who have lived their lives by checking all the right boxes outlined by someone else’s standards and values. And now, they are ready to answer the calling of their soul and need a clear plan of action to go after the mission on their heart.

She is a gifted and magnetizing speaker and facilitator who has given a TEDx talk, and who has facilitated multiple workshops at L’Oreal USA, Mizhuo Securities, Hudson Community College, and numerous virtual workshops. During these workshops, she focuses on the topics of reclaiming self confidence and trust.

She believes each person’s mission was placed on her heart before she was born. To live a fulfilling life, you must birth your mission and live life according to YOUR heart’s desire, while growing and working on your own personal evolution.

Bisi prides herself on her multi-cultural background. She is a recent Georgian resident, yet a Jersey girl at heart, with deep Nigerian roots. She enjoys meditating, walks in nature, traveling the world, breakfast, and playing auntie to her 8 nieces and nephews.