Bhargavi Ramachandran

Bhargavi Ramachandran

ICF Associate Certified Coach


Bhargavi is an ICF Associate Certified Coach (ICF ACC) and works with executives to build authentic, inspired and highly responsive leadership skills. Bhargavi’s purpose in life is to enable people to fulfil their true potential and live well. She believes that every individual has the power inside them to create the life they desire and bring their highest self to life.

She has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and ~ 15 years of well rounded business and leadership experience. She is a certified neuroscience-based coach and an NLP master practitioner. She is an avid student of positive psychology and has completed many specialised courses in this area. She believes in integrating the insights and tools across various disciplines related to human potential, development and leadership in her work to provide a holistic approach to her coaching.

Bhargavi has helped many executives, entrepreneurs, women returning to the workforce and college students to make massive professional and personal transformations. She engages them in a journey of self discovery by provoking thinking, creating awareness, stretching their abilities and perspectives and moving them towards their most important goals. In the process, helping them become the best version of themselves.

Prior to starting her journey as a professional coach, Bhargavi has worked in the corporate world for ~12 years across finance, business operations and pre-sales. She has led teams ranging from 6 to 160 people and a very diverse set of projects. She also worked in the entrepreneurial space for ~3 years doing independent roles in project management, strategy and business development areas.
Bhargavi has many spikes in her academics and career which drive her value for personal excellence and leadership. And she firmly believes that it is the difficult times and the failures that have taught her many invaluable lessons and made her a stronger and better human being. This life experience adds richly to her abilities and skills as a coach and depth to her perspectives.

In her free time, Bhargavi loves to write, listen to music, rustle up some new dish in the kitchen, curl up with a good book or just watch a nice movie. She also plays badminton, practices martial arts and plans to hopefully start a regular yoga practice someday. She is always game for a good cup of tea and an easy conversation with people in her spare time.