Ayukta Thakur

Ayukta Thakur

Co-Founder, Integreat Center and Special Olympics UAE

United Arab Emirates

A passionate SEND educator and a proud entrepreneur, Ayukta has been in the Special Needs field since 2012.

Ayukta was raised and brought up in Kobe, Japan and completed her Undergraduate in Communication & Media Studies from Northeastern University, Boston, United States of America. Soon after Ayukta received a Diploma in Special Education Needs Support. And Ayukta currently completed her Master’s in Science in Mental Health Psychology from the University of Liverpool. Her thesis analyzed the psychosocial wellbeing of neurotypical siblings who grew up with a sibling with special needs.

In 2016, Ayukta co-founded Integreat Center for Young Adults with Special Needs. Integreat Center operates as a social enterprise and is Dubai’s first center that exclusively caters to young adults with special needs and utilizes a holistic approach to teach life skills development and vocational training.

In 2017, Ayukta was selected to be a Board Member of the Special Olympics UAE organizing committee. SO UAE is the local Special Olympics committee committed to plan the 2019 World Special Olympics that will be hosted in Abu Dhabi.

Ayukta is a spirited advocate for individuals with diverse needs and believes that although inclusion may not be for all, it is important to note that inclusion is a right, not a privilege, therefore accommodations and opportunities should be created for everyone additional needs. Ayukta believes that quality education, awareness, empowerment, and integration can all contribute to a positive change in society and for individuals with diverse needs.