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Ayelet Oblass

Ayelet Oblass

Owner, derechakol.co.il


Ayelet Oblass is an graduate of Rubin Academy of music/Jerusalem.
& singer songwriter muscian composer/ 2 solo albums and a Teacher, group facilitator, therapist for past 30 years. .

She is also founded of the music theatre “The Musical Jungle” and taught in prime Israel’s acting schools, and others as well.

– Developed the method:”Derechakol” (Dare to voice) that combines 3 ancient theories: yoga’ chi kong’ and voice developing with Eastern awareness of judaism and faith, all with an emphasis on the sheer joy of singing, changing mindset and connection between mind and body, breathing and soul”.
– Teaches this method in tel aviv .
– Offered social services and social rituals to a growing community throughout israel. .
– Ventured to create changes within the system for woman in the past 7 years with Einat Weisburt from “Derechisha”. .

“I’m a wounded healer, I came to this world to teach what i have to learn. dare to voice, it is a moment of healing. Heal yourself and A few generations back –and- forth are healed. This is my mission” (Ayelet Oblass) .

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