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Women of the Decade Achievers Award

Today’s woman is perspicacious, full of wit, coherent and enlightened which has made her elitist in today’s world. Through her wisdom and exposure she has been demanding a change for the better: socially, politically as well as economically for individual recognition on all platforms. It is her undeterred commitment and determination that acquainted her to success and has subverted the general perspective for women, globally.

ALL LADIES LEAGUE in view of appreciating these outstanding women, who have excelled in their distinguished fields, take an opportunity to confer upon them our “Women of the Decade Achievers Award???. “WODAA??? outlines the success stories of these outstanding women who have broken the constructs of womanhood and with their significant perception and skills have strengthen their mind and body to reach great heights becoming self-dependent.

At ALL, we believe that appreciation is a key to betterment and flourishing success thus through this award we are bringing new visibility and legitimacy to empower the Indian Women.

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