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Auerbach acclaimed as one of most promising artists of her generation her work can be seen around the world in some of the most important Art Fairs/Weeks and Galleries.. Some of her latest invitations/exhibitions… Berlin Art Week 2013,International Contemporary Masters 2013,London The Brick Lane Gallery 2013,Summer at Norman Felix Gallery TO-CANADA, IX Florence Biennale,Moniker Gallery TO-CANADA ,3D graffiti show Miami,Solo rzlbd atelierTO-CANADA,New York art Week 2014,quadriArt Berlin 2014,Art Rotterdam 2014,International Contemporary Masters 2014,London The Point-Adam Street Gallery 2014,London The Brick Lane Gallery 2014,Los Angeles Art Week 2014,Solo Exhibition muBa Brazil 2014, Now her work can be seen at Big Brother Canada 2 (6 artworks including 3 single canvases and one 3 piece panel).Critics around the world have been claiming her as the “Andy Warhol of her generation”.As can be read at Wave Magazine an Snap Downtown Toronto April editions