Ashtar Tashi

Ashtar Tashi

Spiritual Guide, Author & Joyologist


Privileged to be born into a family where the father has always been a liberal thinker and the mother a spiritually grounded person, Ashtar Tashi grew up to become a free spirited woman. She studied fashion design at NIFT, New Delhi in its second batch. Getting married to the love of her life brought her from the buzzing capital to the calm and soulful city of Pune. She continued her work in design to become a well-known stylist, curator and teacher.

At 33, she started feeling an unexplained restlessness. The quest for knowing who she was, led her to meditation. Being in silence, opened her spirit to the gift of intuition and she had many mystical experiences. She realized the truth that she was chosen to become a channel for divine wisdom which to be shared with humanity. To leave the bright lights of the glamor world and serving others to realize their souls was a choice Ashtar made 17years ago. She hasn’t looked back since. Her work involves guiding people to their soul purpose. She inspires people from all walks of life to understand the importance of balance in mind, body& spirit. She empowers people find their highest potentials in this lifetime to overcome challenges with a deeper understanding of self.

Her first book KEEP SHINING! is a reminder to all about how one can shine their brightest despite darkness within. Ashtar is much sought after as a curator for spiritual retreats and has been a Visiting Master at prestigious wellness resorts. She has been a speaker at several forums. She has been written about in many publications and continues her journey of offering her light to whomever she meets.

In her own words, Ashtar says, “We are all souls having a human experience, lets make it special”.