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Asha Gupta

Asha Gupta - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Asha Gupta

Author, Editor, Artist and Public Speaker

New Delhi,India

Asha Gupta is an Author, Editor, Artist and Public Speaker.
She is committed to spreading her meditational, spiritual and pyramid paradigm throughout the world by workshops, books, magazines, newsletter and cds. She worked as a social worker with Shrimati Lt Sarla Mudgalji from 1976 to 1980 , for Women Welfare as Beti Bachao, Dowry etc. She met with our Late Prime Minister INDIRA GANDHIJI and President SHRI GIANI JAIL SINGH JI.
She has the In-Depth Knowledge of Designing , Counseling,Painting, Mandala Art, Spiritual Work like Breath work, Hypnosis, Meditation, Mind- Conscious and Subconscious. She is associated with the PSS M since 2010 and UCM ,MASTERMINDS INTERNATINAL, WORLD PEACE FOUDATION and Some NGO,S of Delhi ,Haryana and U.P. Asha Gupta translated SANKALP SHAKTI and VAK CHHETRAM from telugu to hindi. She has written NAVYUG MEI PYRAMID URJA which was released in Giza Pyramids on 10th March, in 2014 and YOGI BHAWARJUN an autobiography of an yogini on 10th April,in 2016. .
She is chief Editor of Dhyan Bharat which is bio monthly hindi magazine of PSSM . In 2011 , Asha Gupta established Pyramid Light. Its main purpose is enlighten whole World in the bright light of Pyramids.Her vision is to achieve a peaceful and prosperous World, through spiritual enlightenment of each and every individual.