Asha Gulati

Asha Gulati - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Asha Gulati

Origami artist and Assistant Professor, Pearl Academy

New Delhi,India

I am a Delhi-based experimental artist, registered with the Ministry of Textiles. Though I work with a wide range of media my favoured material and passion is Paper.
While I have been working consistently with the more popular visual art forms like water colour and oil paintings my desire to push boundaries in art have stoked my experiments with other materials. My exploration with several media has led me to paper- a material I relish for. Few are aware of the versatility that paper offers. I have discovered its myriad possibilities through the use of techniques like Origami, Mosaics, Slice forms, layering give life to my ideas. The medium is not without its challenges but it is precisely these that egged me on to master the material and mould it to realise my concepts.
Art Projects:
As an artist I have conducted solo shows at venues renowned for art exhibitions- Taj Palace Hotel (August 2010), Convention Foyer, IHC (January 2011) Open Palm Court, IHC (Januray2012) Azad Bhawan Gallery, ICCR (March 2011), and the Cabinet Secretary’s Residence, IASOWA (February 2011), Taj Palace Hotel (October 2012). I have also participated in group shows organised by the Savera Association, NGO (May 2010) and the Delhi International Film Festival (December 2012).
My recent participation was in Global Exhibition on Services, ICCR invited me to demonstrate my skills to delegates from 65 countries.
Industry Projects:
I have worked with renowned national and international designers interior designer; RAD, Ms. Sita Nanda and have created art works for residency and luxury hotels. I have developed paper art works for Taj Palace Hotel. My recent project was an origami wall art for the reception of Vivanta by Taj, covering approx. 450 sq. feet wall and for Frazer and Haws.
My works are in collection with Taj Palace Hotel.
I am also working on the possibilities with different materials.

Appreciation, Media and Press Coverings:

Certificate of Appreciation by NGO Lakshyam for the ‘Betterment of Under-Privileged Children and Women in Society’…
Dr.Karan Singh.. “Innovative and interesting paper techniques.”
Dr. Suresh K Goel, DG ICCR.. “Works of Asha Gulati have brought a new depth to collage which is rarely seen.”
Archana Khare, Mail Today… “It’s interesting to note how a medium as seemingly simple that is not really so simple and that it can tend itself to such imagination.”
Delhi Times, What’s Hot… “Asha Gulati likes to experiment with different materials. For her, working with the different kinds of paper is the most interesting aspect of Art.
Articles covering in What’s Hot, Mail Today, HT West Delhi………….
Professional teaching Experience:
I am currently teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students of design at Pearl Academy in the capacity of Assistant Professor.
My other teaching stints have taken me to a wide range of institutional settings including schools, colleges, international organisations, galleries and non-governmental institutions working with the under-privileged. The institutions I have worked with renowned institutes and organisations like National Institute of Fashion Technology, Sanskriti School, British Council Library, Japan Foundation, The Stainless Gallery, Fashionista to name a few. I teach the ‘Not so privileged students’ at the NGO Lakshyam. I have also conducted several workshops aimed at building creative thinking and execution of ideas. These workshops have had learners ranging from 3 years of age to adults.

Writing Experience:
My academic experience also include writing research papers related with executive skills for different age groups, which got selected by Denver University and invited for World Education Summit and also about fashion which recently got selected by NIFT International Conference.
I have also specifically taught the use of paper techniques in design related fields such as fashion, product design, interior design and styling, etc.
My professional experience includes designing and editing for Fine Art and Activity Books for students ranging from Pre nursery to Class VIII levels for Vishv Books Publications.