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Åsa Rydhard


Åsa Rydhard

Storydesigner and Keynote Speaker


Åsa is the pastor who has taken storytelling to a higher level. Holding a masters degree in alpplied cultural analysis, she uses storytelling as a strategic tool in marketing. Her company is called Cow AB ( and she has helped several entrepreneurs to present complex services and products in an interesting and desirable way.
Åsa is considered an inspiring speaker, both at a national and international level. She teaches how to present complex concepts in an entertaining way. Åsa is also a Nordic champion in public speaking and does stand-up comedy.
My selected theme vertical is T-35 Driving the future through business beyond bias. My own contribution within this theme, would be the workshop: “Rock Your Story. How to become visible by the power of your story” Society and organisations are often blind to new possibilities due to the fact that they only see that which is “in the box”. This workshop will help the auience understand the forces that holds them back and empower them to become visible as the experts and accomplished women theyare, thus being able to contribute to a thriving future.