Aruna Maharaj

Aruna Maharaj

Managing Director, Madame Maharaj Cosmetology School

Trinidad and Tobago

Aruna Maharaj, grand daughter of the first cosmetologist in Trinidad & Managing Director of the Madame Maharaj Cosmetology School holds a degree in Communications & Spanish. She not only spearheads the schools Internationally Accredited Cosmetology Program but is also a Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist! Aruna’s has understood the impact of social media on business has a reach of over 70k beauty enthusiasts! After 60 years of the School being located in the south region of the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, Madame Maharaj School opened a branch in the country’s capital in 2018.

In keeping with the theme of Entrepreneurship and Innovation,

Aruna Maharaj has founded the region’s first ever Awards Ceremony for Beauticians called Caribbean Beauty Awards, a non profit organization dedicated to recognizing excellence and elevating standards within the regions beauty industry. CBA (as it is now fondly called) has reached its 3rd year and new categories are added each year to facilitate the ever changing beauty industry. This includes awards such as “Avante Garde or Fanatasy Makeup Artist of the Year” “Lash Artist of the Year” “Wig & Extension Specialist of the Year” “Nail Technician of the Year” “Hairstylist of the Year” and much more!