Archana Bhatnagar

Archana Bhatnagar

Managing Director: Haylide Chemicals Pvt Ltd.


ARCHANA BHATNAGAR is a change maker with her Green chemicals company & Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship.

“After 4 decades of entrepreneurial experience… OF SUCCESS & FAILURES, I strongly feel other people or women can surely benefit from my practical experiences in life, If I empower a woman, I help empower the family & society Being an enabler for their aspirations is something I will do forever, I am there to share and guide them. I am focused on encouraging sustainable entrepreneurship in women & youth, helping MSMEs to grow to the next level”

Archana Bhatnagar, a first generation entrepreneur is a strong, passionate Leader & Mentor for Women Entrepreneurs.

Archana has established 3 Manufacturing businesses, starting with less than Rs.500 & a 1-yearold son as her assets, her business now supports 100s of families. Haylide Chemicals is into Professional Green Cleaning & Sanitizing products, the first certified “GREEN PRO” cleaning products of its kind in India. .She travels the world & the remotest destinations in India, and works hands on with her work team, from Management to Marketing … as long as it is “Green Business” or Empowerment of Women through Entrepreneurship!! she has transversed an entrepreneurial journey of 43 years with a graph of success and failures, which led her to believe that when “You are at your lowest low, there is only one way to go… and that is to soar to the TOP!”

Invited to speak on prestigious platforms like UN General Assembly, New York, WTO Geneva, CHOGM: Common Wealth Heads of Government Meet in London & others for Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) & Gender responsive policies, is a matter of pride for Madhya Pradesh & the country! working very dedicatedly on SDGs, related to Environment, through her industry & Women Empowerment, is also a main Stay, of her work.


Being on the Advisory board to the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, on Industrial Policy & Investment, she contributes to Industrial Policy & help grow the eco system of the Main Industry as well.

As founding President of MAWE (Madhya Pradesh Association of Women entrepreneurs), that Empowers Women through Entrepreneurship & Financial Independence; Archana, through her vision & dedicated work, at MAWE for 23 years has helped; many women set up small business & help them migrate from Micro & Small to the next level. Providing International networking platform & business opportunities, through overseas visits & through SWEEP are provided here in India only.
Having been honored with many awards, National & Globally at the Prestigious 50 Women Global Awards, in Dubai she was Awarded for INDIA: WOMAN ENTREPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 2022.
India Today: Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur. Ministry of MSME Govt of India: Emerging Woman Entrepreneur. WE Connect International: Commitment for Empowering Women Economically, Women Economic Forum (WEF) Exceptional Woman of Excellence, Creative Foundation: Impact on Society


Being a woman entrepreneur, especially four decades ago was a very challenging task. Women were not supposed to be in business in a small town like Jabalpur! She was told, “Women from good families do not come to the sales tax office!” Perseverance got her a Bank loan of Rs.15000/ against mortgaging her husband’s house of Rs.15 lacs then. A strong journey of Ups & Downs began, with her industry of Printing & X-ray Chemicals, then colour Photo processing chemicals, even in the lowest curve of her business, her good will remained clear with Banks, suppliers & clients, even in adverse circumstances.


To look for a fresh idea to diversify the business, for the 3rd time, was a huge challenge, but now joined by her son & husband, third time around, in 2006 the idea to manufacture “Green Cleaning & Sanitizing” products was launched, armed with years of experience, re-energizing with the young & a dedicated team of workers, we succeeded & built a state of the art ‘Green Cleaning Chemicals Manufacturing Factory’ Haylide chemicals Pvt. Ltd, for housekeeping, personal care , kitchens and laundry detergents This new chapter was destined for success. Haylide became the first Indian SME to get the coveted “GREEN PRO” Certification for their Green Cleaning products, which conform with toughest international standards to be used for Green Buildings, 5 Star Chain Hotels, Hospitals, Airports, Indian Railways, Professional Laundry & much more!! & exports as well.
Given all these challenges, I have learned that perseverance, transparency and respect for your work force, are key to success in any endeavour” says Archana Bhatnagar

A platform for MSME Women Entrepreneurs in Madhya Pradesh: MAWE

And taking challenges head on since then, she has not only overcome her own , but through her vast practical experience, of what women face in business, she found, that central India was totally devoid of any NGO to hand hold women entrepreneurs & launched MAWE (Madhya Pradesh Association of Women Entrepreneurs), in 2000 and since then, the passion to encourage girls & women to be self-employed and provide a hand holding support to existing MSME women entrepreneurs, mentoring many throughout the world, is an integral part of her work.

MAWE aims to assist MSME women entrepreneurs, to overcome 3 major hurdles of Access to Finance, Markets & Technology, by organizing various workshops, seminars, trade fairs, at Jabalpur & in Madhya Pradesh. Disseminating information of MP, & Govt. Of India MSME schemes & projects to entrepreneurs, is an important job being undertaken by the association. MSME women entrepreneurs, with support of Govt., schemes, also take part through MAWE led delegations to many countries.
An international event like SWEEP, in tier-2 cities like Jabalpur , Bhopal, in India, gave women the much-needed exposure and a platform for them to engage with the global ecosystem of women entrepreneurship as well as provided MSME women with access to international markets through learning, networking & B2B opportunities. With women business magnates & Agencies Globally.

she has been contributing & speaking at may forums of the UN, WTO Geneva, ITC, World Export Development Forum, speaking at CHOGM, Commonwealth Heads of Govt. Meet, SARC Women Leadership, World Bank Institute Washington DC, WE Connect International USA, US Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CIPE), OECD, MENA region forums, in went Germany & many women entrepreneur associations across the world. Archana also has vast experience of speaking on Global platforms for Sustainability & Green products.
She has been associated with National TV & Print Media. Her vast Experience, Presentation power, Networking skills & Go getter abilities makes her the perfect person to lead organizations & contribute to the sustainable development of Women & MSMEs.
Archana Bhatnagar is a role model for thousands of women. This icon and successful first generation woman entrepreneur is invited very often to share her motivational story on many platforms. Her story of resilience and learning from failures often brings tears to many in the audience, even when people listen to her through interpretation, globally!