Antonia Gore

Antonia Gore

Professional Model


If you have never seen a young woman leader inspire others solely with her heart, then you need to look at Antonia Gore, Your Heart Leader. With admiration, in one look you see the beauty that emanates from within her heart, while you are dazzled her outward beauty layered upon brawn. Even more compelling, when she speaks her honesty and eloquence reveal the brain of a woman with the intellectual foresight to inspire you for the better.

She is a 3rd runner up Miss New Jersey USA and 3rd runner up Miss Maryland USA. A professional model, she also excels in intelligence as she is one of the few people granted permission to share strategies of Dr. Maultsby’s Rational Behavioral Therapy.

When her 32-year-old sister died of breast cancer that resulted from the BRACCA gene, Antonia, too, tested positive for the gene that could change the course of her own life. However, inspired by her sister, Angel, to live life as no other, Antonia determined has set out to achieve her greatest aspirations and take charge of her life by leading with her heart.

In a few short years, Antonia is well on her way to become a medical doctor. Along the way, she graduated with her Masters of Science in biochemical and pharmacological principles at Drexel University College of Medicine. Additionally, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Spelman College. While she completes medical school in London she utilizes her break to travel to countries all over the world to carry out humanitarian projects and medical missions with her peers.

Antonia leads others through motivational and inspirational leadership presentations based on her revelations within her new book “Wherever You Go, Lead with Your Heart.”

In addition to exemplary student career, organizational leadership, and successes in the pageantry world and model, Antonia engages in service oriented extracurricular activities. Despite a full schedule, she makes it a priority to engage in many organizational leadership roles and fundraiser participation such as The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, AIDS Walk, Lupus Walk, and multiple breast cancer awareness events. Despite all of these obligation with school and philanthropy, Antonia Lead with Her Hearts through her keynote presentations, her programs, and her book so that others may accomplish all they dream and desire.