Annu Sharma


Annu Sharma

CEO and Founder of I am Woman & Editor of Indian Weekender

New Zealand

Annu Sharma is an writer, motivational speaker and social worker. Her favourite subjects are inspirational writing, health and wellness , spirituality and women.She is passionate about the cause of women and youth and is a spiritual practitioner and trainer.
Criminal Justice : Annu has worked in the Criminal Justice system in New Zealand for just under a decade, working in the areas of domestic and sexual violence including other offences. She specialises in crimes involving children, youth and women. She is a trainer in the field of safety within the community.

Creative pursuits : Annu is the Editor of New Zealand’s top Indian Weekly – The Indian Weekender. This gives her an opportunity to work alongside and support many charities and social organisations. This also becomes a channel to raise the profile of the Indian community within the mainstream.

Community presence : By virtue of the various fields of endeavours , she works closely with agencies like the Police, the Courts, the Prisons and Community rehabilitation providers. Also works closely with all Political parties, Ministers and Members of Parliament from day to day.

Spirituality and Wellness : Annu has been practicing, studying and delivering workshops and trainings on life philosophy, inspiring people to live lives to their fullest potential for the past 25 years.