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Annu Kalra

Annu Kalra - WEF - Dwarka - New Delhi - India - 2017

Annu Kalra

Spiritually Inspired Author, Artist & Guide


After spending over 20 years in the Corporate world as Media Planner, Buyer and Communication & Brand Consultant, annu is devoting most of her time and energy to facilitating transformation in people and their lives. She has created a self-help set of Cards and Book ‘Avirbhaav – Hindu Deities Guidance & Meditation Cards’, in which the Foreword has been given by renowned Indian politician, philanthropist & poet Dr. Karan Singh. A coach & counselor to many, annu conducts Workshops, holds Musings & Mystical Art Sessions, moderates Café Spirituality sessions, gives personal counseling sessions, does guided meditations as well as writes extensively on the subject of spirituality and interpretations of traditional wisdom in the modern context. A post-graduate in Economics with no formal training in Art, she was awarded for ‘Excellence in Art’ by the Bharat Nirman Foundation in 2016, has had two solo shows of her mystical Art paintings and participated in numerous group shows. Her work can be seen at