Annette Densham

Annette Densham

Director, Publicity Genie


Annette Densham is a big believer that everyone has a story. It’s the reason she became a journalist. For over 30 years, she’s been fascinated by the journey of life, dedicating her life to telling people’s stories, their experiences, insights and wisdom.

Through award winning PR agency, Publicity Genie, she’s created a platform that connects stories with people who want to be inspired, motivated and uplifted. Her agency has a reputation as the go-to public relations agency in Australia for micro, small businesses and start-ups. With a vision to ensure it’s not only the big end of town that has its voice heard in the media, Annette encourages people to tell their stories and use awards as a way of getting recognition. She has made public relations affordable to smaller businesses who are doing excellent work, have a great story to tell and are looking to make an impact.

Bringing a wealth of journalism and public relations experience, Annette uses her strong news sense and contacts to deliver quality coverage for clients daily. She gives a voice to people who think no one wants to hear their story.

Annette, an international award-winning PR specialist including the Grand Stevie Women in Business winner, is a frequent contributor on various social media platforms, including Facebook groups, sharing her knowledge and answering questions from the public about PR and the media. She has built an agency that is well recognised in the Australian small business sector as being the agency that delivers exceptional public relations services without a hefty price tag.