Anjali G. Sharma

Anjali G. Sharma

Writer, Social Activist
Amabassador, Charter for Compassion


Anjali G Sharma has more than 12 years of work experience in Telecom industry with exposure to clients and cultures across Asia, Europe and Americas. Carrying forward the corporate excellence in the development sector, she currently helps Non profits in the education space across various domains of communication, strategy, networking and operations.
Apart from the development work, she also writes about various social and topical issues impacting Indian society. She is a published author with regular contributions to various online and print publications. She has also contributed as a co-author in the recently launched anthology called “Escape Velocity”. She also enjoys playing piano and holds a Grade 1 recognition from London College of Music. (LCM)

Anjali is a Delhi University rank three in Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT). She also holds a Citation in Management from Harvard University, Boston, USA. Her corporate experience spans across various Telcos like Aricent, Alcatel Lucent, Boston Communication group and XIUS where she has led multiple teams across geographies to deliver and support telecom software solutions as well as been instrumental in creating synergies by defining systems and processes. She has been a part of corporate training team for facilitating cross team and cultural interaction in a global team setup. She has also solely handled Business Development and Public Relations at PhoneWarrior Inc. (a mobile platform Incubated by 91SpringBoard, which closed a seed investment from Lightspeed Venture Partners.)

Highly passionate about making an impact in the development sector especially in the domain of Education, building Compassionate schools network in India is close to her heart as she feels that Education without inculcation of compassion and Life skills is incomplete.