Anita Paalvast


Anita Paalvast

Trainer & Coach at Aikido@Work


Anita completed her Bachelors degree in Business Administration, Linguistics and Economics in The Netherlands and went on to achieve her “License” and “Maitrise” (equivalent to a degree at postgraduate level) in Social Psychology in France.
Her coaching certification was achieved at Newfield Network ‘Certified Coach Training’. She has also undertaken level I & II in addition to the Retreat Conscious Embodiment course with Wendy Palmer Finally, she has completed the level 1 Embodied Leadership program of the Strozzi Institute.

With a successful background in Banking as a Head of Operational Risk Analysis, (ABN-AMRO bank) she also earned international acclaim as being one of few Dutch women to achieve a 4e dan in Aikido; a modern Japanese Martial Art form, unique in that it diffuses the energy of the opponent. The combined track records and experience have molded her into a unique trainer and coach, with a rare but highly effective methodology of embodying leadership principles.

She really dreams of Aikido in the embodied way, (i.e. the philosophy) becoming mainstream; it brings people together and on the same course. Her method is solid in the organisational context. She supports executives teams in increasing their effectiveness in communication, leadership and cooperation in the face of change. Her clients report increased self-confidence, peace of mind in the daily chaos, self-control, openness and flexibility after just a couple of sessions.

She is passionate about letting people discover and develop their hidden capabilities and competences by applying embodied thinking, a dimension which is rapidly gaining ground in behavioural and cultural change. By engaging also your body (your physical intelligence) and not just your head (ratio), you ensure a lasting change in yourself and the way you act. This enables you to increase and extend your personal and professional potential.