Angel DelaMer, USA


Angel DelaMer


While entertainment is one of Author Angel’s passion, her first passion is understanding herself, which then enables her to understand Humanity. Over the past 22 years, Angel has studied and taught Metaphysics and the Universal Laws and Principles that govern it. Through her own direct and profound experience with personal transformation, she has helped thousands of people in all walks of life with their life issues. She has studied all the major world religions and also delved into the Ageless Wisdom to a profound level of understanding. She has studied Divine Ethics, Self-Realization, the Bible, esoteric wisdom traditions, among other higher-consciousness teachings. Angel is an ordained Minister, a Reiki Master, certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), a certified Life Coach – specializing in relationships: relationship with self (the personality), Self (God/Spirit/Soul) and others. She is also a certified “trainer” – one who teaches others in self-mastery. She refers to herself as a “seed planter” and calls herself a “Metaphysical Life Consultant, specializing in relationship.” Angel is dedicated to helping transform the world from the old paradigm into the new paradigm, while uplifting the collective consciousness of Humanity. She does this through her writings, poetry, song writing, workshops, public speaking and, finally, her books – as well as multiple film projects.