Andreja Cepuš


Andreja Cepuš

Social Artist & ARS Creative Communications


Andreja Cepuš, coming from Slovenia, is Social Artist and Slovenia Chairperson of ALL Ladies League. She is serving as creative communications and intuitive PR contributor, writer and author, innermost potential activator, conscious organizer, host and facilitator of different workshops (on activating the authentic leadership potential) and uniquely designed women mentoring program Art of Being, as well as co-creator of other events and innovative platforms.

After finishing her studies of Marketing Communications at Faculty for Social Sciences at University of Ljubljana, and working for several years in different marketing & communication fields for different renowned companies in Slovenia, she followed her own soul entrepreneurial path as ARS, Creative Communications, and is now fully dedicated to unite different fields of our society (business, art and spirituality) through her services and contribute to the rise of the consciousness and positive systemic change in the world.

She is well recognized for her work in the field of empowering women and rising consciousness in Women Leadership in Slovenia. She is also a guest speaker and member of many Slovenian initiatives that explore and implement new concepts of leadership, open innovation, art of hosting, creative living, storytelling, sustainability and transformational education. Her services are based on feminine principle of creation with mission of bringing essence into presence and rising consciousness on our planet.

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