Anbreen Slama-Chaudhry

Anbreen Slama-Chaudhry

Doctor, Medical Training Services


She a medical doctor, a General Practitioner raised in Geneva, Switzerland – originally from Pakistan – mother of 3 kids living as an expat in Cairo for 5 years. After 15 years of primary care practice in Geneva University Hospitals, She did a Master in Public Health (Imperial College London) with specialization in chronic diseases management and patient therapeutic education.

In 2014, She founded her health training company ‘Medical Training Services’ carrying the vision of “A world where everyone has the knowledge and ability to make healthy choices, regardless of their educational or social background”. The mission is to provide equitable knowledge and skills access empowering everyone to make informed health choices throughout their life course. Our work covers several focus areas:
1. Promoting holistic selfcare practices
2. Creating equity in the doctor-patient partnership
3. Building capacity of care providers
4. Raising health awareness across communities
5. Enabling individuals to practice measures aimed not only at curing but also preventing specific health issues

She work as Consultant, as Patients’ Health & Wellbeing Advisor and Chronic Diseases management and Education & Self-Care Specialist. My domain of expertise is Health Empowerment for Care Providers, Patients & Communities, Capacity Building and Self-Care Education.