Ana Karina Cardenas

Ana Karina Cardenas

Consultant and Director of Pizzolante

Dominican Republic

GOAL: Helping Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Business to BOOST their VISIBILITY, INFLUENCE, REPUTATION & PROFITS!


Faithful believer of entrepreneurship (seen from or outside the corporate perspective) and that innovation comes from our ability to have a purpose, as well as to translate ideas or dreams into reality. With more than 15 years of experience and growth in areas such as private businesses and consulting, I share my knowledge and ideas to clients, friends and anyone who wants to get out of their comfort zone and INNOVATE


My passion for BUILDING relationships that CONNECT people and achieve RESULTS for the PRODUCTIVITY of COMPANIES or new BUSINESSES. But more importantly, to help creating a SUSTAINABLE world.


Through my roles as:

1.-Consultant and Director @pizzolante: by building, strengthening and/or maintaining the image and corporate reputation of companies (such as multinationals, family-owned and companies from different sectors) in Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and any other projects in the same Region.
Supporting company leaders in: Brand Management, Risk Management, Societal Expectations Management and People Management.
2.- Workshops & Key Note Opportunities: facilitator in more than 200 spaces (workshops, talks and / or conferences) on Reputation, Crisis, Spokesperson and Strategy. Working more recently on new projects related to People Connections, Innovation and Relationships.
3.- Professor and guest lecturer: professor in Venezuela and Dominican Republic in various Business and Communication schools for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
4.- Columnist: writing content for various magazines in the Region. New projects coming soon!

Connect people, generate business and share my experience to grow together within the LinkedIn community

Specialties: Reputation + Innovation + Communication + Strategy + Crisis. How to translate the OFFLINE world to enhance it into the ONLINE world.

Social Media: @anakcardenaslopez (IG) Ana Karina Cárdenas López (YouTube) @anakcardenas (Twitter)