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Amit Kaur Puri

Amit Kaur Puri

CSR Head at Apeejay Stya University


Dr. Amit Kaur Puri has an enthusiastic, energetic style, and maintains a calm and focused demeanor. She maintains personal scholarly interests and activities. She practices being an entrepreneurial facilitator, by assessing options, then make decisions in full knowledge and acceptance of the risks involved. Her goal is to raise the standard, present a clear picture of where the organization is going, and to be an advocate for that direction. She is an adept ethnobotanist, environmentalist and social worker with high caliber experience


Dr. Amit Kaur Puri in the Science-Botany, Chemistry, Zoology, from Nagpur University after which she continued in the same stream by pursuing Master in Botany with Mycology and Plant Pathology from Nagpur University she then pursued Ph.D. in Botany from Nagpur University.

Career Instincts/Experience

• 2003-2006 Contributory Lecturer in SFS college, LAD College for B.Sc. and RTM
Nagpur University for M.Sc. Botany.
• 2006-2007 full time Lecturer at LAD College for M.C. Biotechnology.\
• Guided M.Sc. Botany students for their research project.
• 2012-2013 Lecturer (Botany) Dyanansadhana Collage, Mumbai University.
• 2014-till date CSR head and Project manager at Apeejay Stya University and Saran group, New Delhi.
With her hard work and dedication she has currently reached the position of the CSR Head at Apeejay Stya university wherein she is into strengthening agro horticultural plantations, and has started new business ventures in agriculture setting up green houses, poly house projects for cultivation of horticultural crops and floriculture and planning for Agro- tourism projects at different sites, women empowerment projects, Malnutrition reporting, female infoeticide, revival of water bodies etc are included in expertise.

Top Skills

She believes that her energetic, positive approach to life high standards of excellence, long-standing passion for and dedication to agricultural science, proven ability to mentor people at all levels, strategic planning, facilitation, and budget and program expertise has positioned him well. She understands how science is planned, accomplished/impeded, reported, developed and transferred into practical technologies, including commercialization where appropriate. She enjoys working with people and creating a friendly, ethical, open, collaborative work environment. She is successful in identifying and solving managerial problems from broad issues in a programmatic manner & takes tremendous satisfaction in guiding, supporting, and developing the success of others.


• Member FICCI ladies Organization.
• Member Indian Science Congress


• 38th Annual Conference of University of California U.S.A Organization by Society of Ethno botanist in 2015.

• Impact of Educational Policies on socio economic status of Women of Mewat, Haryana.(Research in process).


• Thesis: “Nutritional Aspect of Unconventional Foods Consumed by Gond and Korku tribes of Vidarbha Region”.


• PhD. (Botany), Nagpur University, 2011
• M.Sc. Botany, specialization in Mycology and Plant Pathology, Nagpur University, First Class, 2002.
• B.Sc. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, First Class, 1996


• Topper in B.Sc
• Topper in M.Sc specialization subject (Mycology and Plant pathology)
• Computer courses from NIIT: DOS, FOXBASE, FOXPRO, WINDOWS, WORLD Processing Spreadsheet, Unix.
• Language Knows: C
• Worked for the scientific assessment of Prevailing malnutrition cases among women and infant mortality in Vidarbha region.
• Working for female foeticiale cases in Haryana especially Mewat Region.
• Statistical assessment of social, economic, health and educational status of women in Haryana Region.


• Certificate Course in Food Preservation.
• Won gold medal in Squash Tournament at state level.
• 2 Year Computer (Software Development) Course.
• Organized paintaing exhibition of elf done paintings and promoted gond painting art form at Mumbai
• Appointed as consultant by Govt. of Maharashtra for plantation of one crore trees in and around Mumbai, Maharashtra.


• Distribution of free and protein bound amino acids and protein content of five unconventional leafy vegetables, the Bioscan 2 (4): 315-317, 2007, an international Quarterly journal of life sciences.
• Ethno botanical approach on wild plants for manufacturing musical instruments by Gond and Korku tribes of Vidarbha, Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Vol. 7 (1),January 2008, pp. 138-140
• Critical Analysis on Effect of Urbanization on the lakes of Nagpur City, India International Journal of lakes and Rivers. ISSN 0973-4570 Volume 4, Number 3 92011), pp. 223227 research India Publications.
• Critical analysis of food pattern and causes of malmutritional deaths of gond and korku tribes inhabiting in Vidarbha region- an ethno botanical approach. ISSN: 2231 6922, Ind Biol Stud Res Vol. 1 (2), 2011 pp 51-55


• Ethnobotanical approach on wild plants for manufacturing musical instruments by Gond and Korku tribes of Vidarabha , India journal of Traditional knowledge Vol. 7(1), January 2008 , pp. 138-140.
• Ethnic concept of anemia management though unconventional green leafy vegetables by Gond and Korku tribes of Vidarbha region of India – Bioprospects, Society of Ethnobology
• Distribution of free protein bound amino acids and protein content of five unconventional leafy vegetables.
• Ethnobotanical approach on wild plants for manufacturing musical interments by Gond and Korku tribes of Vidarbha.
• Critical Analysis of effect urbanization on the lakes of Nagpur City India.
• Critical analysis of food pattern and causes of malnutritional Deaths of Gond and Korku tribes inhabiting in Viardarbha region – an enthnobotanical approach.


• XV annual conference of Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy and National Seminar on emerging Trends in Plant Taxonomy, Department of Botany , Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University , Nagpur 20th and 21st October 2005. • UGC Sponsored National Conference on Biodiversity and Environment: Problem and Solutions , Department of Botany and Zoology congress Nagar, Nagpur 440012 ( M.S.) India .
• DST & ICMR SPONSPORED NATIONAL SEMINAR ON Green treasure: An Interdisciplinary Approach: Prospect Promises for human welfare, Organized by Dharmpth M.P. Deo Memorial Science College, Nagpur, HERB TECH 2007. .
• Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Nagpur, Avishkar 2007-08.
• International Conference on Plant Biodiversity at Science Planetarium, Kolkata in 2014. .
• 32nd International conference by SOE-Faces Of Ethnobotany at University of California, .
Santa Barbara on 3-6th May 2015. .
• 3rd Water Forum, International Conference on Water Conservation by TERI at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi in 20-22 April, 2016


• Woman Excellence award 2014 by Indo European Origination.
• Best Presenter award for scientific research paper at JNU in 2014. .
• Young Ethnobotanist Award from Society Of Ethnobotany at University of California, .
Santa Barbara, California, USA in 2015. .
• Mrs. India 2016- The Home Maker Edition, 3rd Runnerup.
• Humanity Achievers Award 2016 for CSR in social work category from Nivedita .
Foundations on 10th May 2016 in New Delhi. .