Amel Samoud khamari

Amel Samoud khamari

President, ATGEC


2007: Master in Information Science and Communication on: Introduction to the History of Environmental Communication in Tunisia – Institute of Press and Information Sciences (IPSI) – Tunis.
– Since 2003: researcher in information sciences and communication, IPSI – Tunis.
– 1999: Master’s Degree in Information Science on: History of Women’s Press in Tunisia, IPSI
– 1985: license
– 1986: Certificate of completion of the 1st year of law – Faculty of Political Science and Economics (Tunis)

– Director of Women, Family and Older Persons Policies, Gender Focal Point Directorate General for Human Development (DGDH) / Ministry of Investment Development and International Cooperation.
– Since 2012: Member of the Board of Directors of the National Broadcasting Office (ONT)
– (2003 – 2015): Member of the Board of Directors of the Center for Research, Studies, Documentation and Information on Women (CREDIF)
– Since 2016: Member of the Board of Directors of the CRES Social Studies Research Center
– 2016-2020: project manager for gender mainstreaming in the development plan
– since 2015: member of the Steering Committee for Gender Equality with the European Union
– Member of the national committee for the elaboration of a global law against violence against women.
– Member of the National Commission for Maternity and Paternity Leave in the Public and Private Sectors.
– December 2017: member of the steering committee of the study on “the presence of women in the civil service and access to decision-making positions in Tunisia” prepared by the government presidency in partnership with UN Women and the Ministry of Business foreign French Office
– 2016: Member of the National Committee for a National Strategy for Rural Women
– Member of the National Committee for a National Strategy for the Family
– Member of the National Committee for the Development of the Economic Initiative for Women and Young Women
– Member of the commissions established at the level of the Ministry of Women, Family and Children for the implementation of the action plan of resolution 1325,
– 1985-1992: collaborator of various Tunisian newspapers
– 1993: press officer – General Commissariat for Regional Development / Ministry of Planning and Regional Development
– 2002: Head of Department / Directorate General of Human Resources in charge of Women, Family, Children and the Elderly / Ministry of Development and International Cooperation

– member of the sectoral commission “Women and Development”.
– Since 2003: Member of the National Council for Women and the Family
– Since 2003: Member of the Contracts Committee of the Ministry of Women, Family and Children.
– Since 2003: Member of the Sectoral Commission for Women, Family and Children at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs of the Family and Children
– Since 2002: Member of the National Commission for the Promotion of Rural Women.
– 2002 – 2011: Member of the National Commission for the Preparation of the 2nd National Plan of Action for Children for the Decade
– 2016-2020: Coordinator of the support program between UN-Women and the Ministry of Development, Investment and International Cooperation, for the integration of the gender equality program into the five-year plan
– Member of the Program Steering Committee / Gender Profile / Tunisia; in collaboration with the European Union
– 2014: Ministry representative at the Committee on Development
– Since 2017: President of the Tunisian Association of Governance and Equal Opportunities between Women and Men in decision-making positions (ATGEC)
– Since 2015: President of the Network for Gender Equality in the Senior Civil Service.
– Since 2015: member of the network on diversity and governance in the Mediterranean
– 1994: Co-founder, Secretary General of the Alliance of Women in Communication, UNFT
– 2000: Vice President of the Alliance of University Women (APU)
– since 1997: member of the National Commission for the Improvement of the Image of Women in the Media
– Since 2002: member of the EOM (Mediterranean Organization of Women Journalists)
– 2002-2005: President of the Alliance of Tunisian Women Journalists (AFJT)
– 1996- 1999: Making available to the National Union of Tunisian Women (UNFT), in charge of information and communication and responsible for the journal Femme Echos. ”
– 1994-2002: Editor-in-Chief of UNFT Women’s magazine
– 2007-2008: editor-in-chief of the magazine “Mères Echo”
– In 2004, she published a book entitled “The evolution of the specialized women’s press in Tunisia”.